Busy Blindedness ~ Blinded to Life

How’s life been for you lately since Valentine’s day? That’s a loaded question and February 14th seems like a lifetime ago doesn’t it?  Well, that’s the way we live our lives, we live them in snippets, in experiences and like the pestering fly that bothers us when we are napping, or the graceful butterfly we observe lifting off from flower to flower it is our perspective which makes these experiences stitch together of fall apart.  Case in point today being our “bus – i – ness”.  For the last month I have become an “observer” of life and what I have observed is “busy blindedness” no that isn’t a real word, I just made it up.  To be defined as one who is  living in “busy blindedness” is to live ones life in a manner in which you are so busy, you are blinded to life itself.  In other words you miss the very things that you say you cherish the most and the things, people, sounds, and sights that you love by being so engaged, important and busy they can be standing right in front of you and you are blind.

Businesswoman being blinded with moneyPerhaps right now with tax day approaching you are truly blinded by MONEY, the lack of MONEY.  This will destroy you, your ability to focus, your relationships, and pretty much your entire life.  Maybe you are a person who is blinded by the fact that you need, truly NEED to HAVE THINGS!  You don’t really need them, but your just have to have them in order to FEEL something.  Does this describe you in any small way?  You will go to any length to get what your desire with no thought as to what it is really costing you.

Maybe you are a person who is blinded by iStock_000005052080SmallSUCCESS!  You will do whatever it takes to get to the top of that golden ladder and it doesn’t matter what sacrifices have to be made in order to get to the top, just as long as you get to the top……then what happens when you look around and there is no one there to celebrate with?

SpyingEnvy eats away at your very soul, and will destroy you from the inside out.  Do not let it gain a foothold in your life.  We often let our own perception of ourselves inflate who were are what we are capable of doing and what we have accomplished on our own and pretty soon, we are looking at shadows to see who is stealing our throne, our self imposed titles, our gold cup, our beauty, our youth, our sales team, our #1 status, or whatever we have deemed of highest value.

iStock_000034575036SmallPerhaps the greatest pitfall in all of this blindedness is in the area of LOVE ~ we all want it, we all desire to be loved, we all want to have someone in our lives to share our lives.  There are so many dating sites, it is confusing!  We go to great lengths preparing for “the event” and when we finally get to “the event” it is a complete disappointment, because we have fantasized the whole thing into something that it can never live up to.

So what happens to being so busy that we are truly blinded to the life we are living?  What can we do to actually see what is right there in front of us?  One thing we can do is to stop.  Yes, stop living at such a break neck speed.  We are on a “speed~high”.  So when anything normal happens, we dismiss it, as trivial, dumb, mundane; when it truly is  wonderful, miraculous, and something that we ourselves are unable to create.  I am always reminded of a wonderful line from a Shirley Temple movie, where she is talking and and the person makes a comment about a duck laying an egg and Shirley looks up at the grown up and asks:  “can you lay an egg?”  We are just like this.  Can you make the sun rise?  Can you put the stars in the night sky?  Do you make the cherry blossoms burst forth every Spring along the Potomac?  Can you set the Mute Swans in flight as they migrate each Spring? Can you paint a red sunset?  We ignore these things and they are right before our eyes every day.

Today S-E-EiStock_000000645790Small


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A Day All About L – O – V – E

While I was thinking about this post I wondered if anyone actually tried to count the numbers associated with L-O-V-E? You know things like: “How many songs about love have ever been written? or How many poems about love have been written? or How many movies about love have been made?” Of course the answer is there is no count because there is no way to count a number which is so high. 

We were created as relational beings and we have emotions which are dispensed automatically into our bloodstream and we are powerless to stop what is natural for us to feel.  Our wonderful senses which we each come equipped with make our life rich with excitement if we understand we need all of these senses to survive and thrive. Today for many is a day of dread, sorrow, hiding, disappointment and for others a day of high anticipation, excitement, and watching the clock or watching and listening. Two opposite ends of the spectrum. 

box of chocolate truffles with red roses

What if L-O-V-E is about something even greater than these superficial things that are gone with the sunrise of February 15th?  What if today were about something much more than flowers, hearts, candy, expensive gifts, meals, or whatever else might be planned in hopes of something more, or a valentine’s tender touch, a call, a face not seen through a miracle of technology, what if…

What if L-O-V-E were found right next door, downstairs, across the street, in the shelter in your town, at your church, in the children’s hospital, at the senior center, at the local soup kitchen where a forgotten Valentine waits and no one will remember, where a person who once was someone’s very special Valentine will not receive a heart shaped box of chocolates, or a bright red heart shaped balloon.  Can you imagine the look of delight when some brings in a bouquet of red roses to person who thinks they are forgotten and unloved?

As you fill you shopping cart with those well planned, thought out love treasures for your “Valentine” think about the “Valentine” next door, down the street, ….who else could use some L-O-V-E today?

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How Are Your Resolutions Coming Along?

So how are you doing with those resolutions and getting your now new schedule into place?  If you are like most of us, probably your answer is in some areas I am doing good, in one or two areas its getting there and in a couple not so much.  Change is hard, change takes time and the truth is unless we are in a great deal of pain in an area, we tend not to make any change until we can no longer stand the pain.  Does that sound at all familiar?  I thought so.  So how would you feel about accepting those areas where you have changed, and making the final push to getting the couple of areas which are almost there across that finish line?  Yes, I know those are doable, realistic goals!  This is what achieving and winning the resolution game is about.

The same is true in all areas of our lives.  When we set out to change or alter anything in any area of our lives, we need to be able to look at those goals in a realistic time frame, and give ourselves permission to succeed in work at our own pace to achieve the goal.  We all know that life has a way of throwing those detours, road blocks, life challenges, and other unexpected events in our paths which delay our plans.  This does not mean we quit, we re-evaluate, we set a new date, we get back into our vehicle and proceed on with our goal.

iStock_000000569657MediumWhen we let the “emotion” of the detour, the road blocks, the life challenge, or other unexpected event hijack us we hand over the control to something other than our good sense.  We run the risk of being hijacked by a flood of chemicals, a never ending circle of thoughts which go no where, sleepless nights which keep us off the main road, and we become lost in the quick sands of despair; where dreams and goals are quickly swallowed up and disappear.

See these for what they are; momentary small things which need attention, but do not require you to  abandon your dream or your goal.  Recalculate, and continue on.  No matter what is going on, there is so much you can be doing in your forward progress toward your goal.

How may I support you in your goal?

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